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9-meter health examination vehicle
  • Physical examination
  • featured
  • Efficient and convenient
  • Medical customized vehicle:
    Domestic first tier br medical specialized vehicles can customize the appearance according to customer requirements
  • Dedicated car mounted X-ray machine:
    AKHX-50/200 series, AKHX-55 series, optional fluoroscopy/digital full body photography function
  • Interior layout:
    Digital DR, B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram, biochemistry, blood collection, gynecology, audiometry room, lung function other examination items (optional)
Product parameter

Basic parameters

Announcement model: XMQ5122XYL3

Engine: YC6J245-58

Displacement (L): 6.5

Total length * width * height (mm): 8945 × two thous four hundred eighty × 328233823512360033323473556 (mm)

Rated passenger capacity: 2-9 (people)

Optional configurations: DR, electrocardiogram, B-ultrasound, gynecology, blood analysis, biochemical examination, hearing test

Emissions: National VI

Rated power (kW/rpm):

one hundred eighty

Plan design of a 9-meter health examination vehicle (customizable according to customer needs)



Special instructions:

Due to the conversion period between vehicle s online displays, there may be differences between the page graphics text parameters the actual vehicle. The content of the page graphics text will not be used as the basis for actual vehicle ordering. The specific vehicle model technical parameters will be determined based on the actual vehicle configuration. Interested buyers should contact the sales personnel of Akry in a timely manner to confirm. Akry reserves the right to change the image parameters provide final explanations.

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