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Bus type CT inspection vehicle
  • Early screening of major diseases
  • Epidemic diagnosis and treatment
  • save life
  • Extended design:
    The exped design of the carriage instantly exps the operating space inside the car, making it more versatile
  • CT car dedicated power supply:
    Equipped with a dedicated CT reverse charging power supply for CT vehicles, scanning operations can be carried out with only 220V mains power, solving the problem of outdoor power connection
  • Multiple configurations available:
    Can install imported/domestic CT, equipped with a multi-functional platform, with higher space utilization rate
Product parameter

Basic parameters

Announcement model: XMQ5181XYL

Engine: YC6L330-50

Displacement (L): 8.424

Total length * width * height (mm): 12000 × two thous five hundred fifty × 3820392037503703960 (mm)

Rated passenger capacity: 2-9

Optional configuration: optional domestic/imported CT

Emissions: National VI

Rated power (kW/rpm): 243

Plane design diagram of passenger car CT inspection vehicle (customizable according to customer needs)


Special instructions:

Due to the conversion period between vehicle s online displays, there may be differences between the page graphics text parameters the actual vehicle. The content of the page graphics text will not be used as the basis for actual vehicle ordering. The specific vehicle model technical parameters will be determined based on the actual vehicle configuration. Interested buyers should contact the sales personnel of Akry in a timely manner to confirm. Akry reserves the right to change the image parameters provide final explanations.

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