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Van CT inspection vehicle
Product Configuration Features
  • Early detection of serious illness
  • Epidemic diagnosis and treatment
  • Save lives
  • Extended design:

    The extended design of the carriage makes the operating space in the car instantly larger and more versatile

  • CT car special power supply:

    Equipped with a dedicated CT charging inverter power supply for CT cars, which can be scanned with only 220V city power

  • Multiple configurations are available:

    Suitable for installing imported/domestic CT

Product Parameter
Basic parameters
Announcement models:BY5220XYL
Displacement (L):8.424
Total length*total width*total height (mm):12000*2550*3600,3700,3750
Rated number of passengers:2-9 (people)
Optional:Multiple configurations are available, suitable for installing imported/domestic CT
emission:Country Five
Rated power (kW/rpm):

Special instructions:

Due to the conversion period between vehicle updates and network display, page graphics and text parameters may exist with actual vehicles Differences, the page graphic content is not used as the basis for actual car booking. The actual vehicle configuration determined by the specific model and technical parameters shall prevail. Intentional purchasers should contact Acry’s sales staff in time for confirmation. Acry retains the picture parameter changes and final explanation right.

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