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AKDX-09W-Ⅰ Bone Densitometer
Product Configuration Features
  • Advanced detection technology:

    Using sector scanning technology, less than 5 seconds of exposure time

  • Fully enclosed inspection window:

    Fully enclosed lead protection, preventing radiation leakage, effectively protecting the safety of doctors and inspected

  • Automatic fault monitoring:

    Effectively prolong the service life of the whole machine and provide a guarantee for the long-term use of the machine

  • Advanced detection technology

    Using advanced sector scanning technology

    Standard detection time less than 5s

    Accurate, high-definition scanning image collection

    The sector scan area is large and the dose is small

    Improve equipment utilization and create benefits

  • Fully enclosed X-ray scan

    The protection design of the whole machine, verified by professional institutions, greatly reduces the radiation absorption of doctors and subjects

  • Reasonable structure design

    Excellent streamlined design, small footprint

    Half-moon handle design, equipped with 360° steering wheels, easy to move

    Suitable for in-vehicle medical and department testing

  • Unique innovative concept

    The original push-pull detection entrance design facilitates the positioning of the examinee’s arm. The positioning display screen is conducive to the efficiency of the detection and the accuracy of the results

  • Excellent operating system

    Full Chinese operation interface

    Expandable ID card information automatic entry function

    DICOM3.0 sharing protocol

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