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​Mobile health examination vehicles contribute to the health of citizens
Release date:2020-09-17

The mobile health check tool is a "mobile hospital" that integrates transportation, health education, medical equipment, intelligent analysis and transmission of information and data. The vehicle is equipped with DR machines, EKG, ultrasonic inspection, automatic biochemical analyzer and gynecological examination bed, freezer and various advanced medical instruments and equipment, such as air conditioning and ultraviolet disinfection lamps can be used for routine internal and surgical inspections, radiology, ultrasound, EKG and check.

The physical examination vehicle is very mobile, convenient and fast. It is the only utility vehicle in Lingbao City that can provide on-site medical services, rural medical teams, emergency rescue, emergency medical plans and other multi-purpose vehicles. It will provide city residents with convenient, high-quality and efficient one-stop service.

The age of health has come, and the concept of disease prevention rather than cure has gradually permeated people's daily lives. The arrival of the "mobile medical examination vehicle" of the Second People's Hospital of Lingbao Town will make greater contributions to the health and well-being of citizens!

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