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What problems can medical car rental help you solve?

1. Solve the problem of regional restrictions

The Xray physical examination vehicle can be driven to factories and mines, troops, pastoral areas, rural areas, towns, ports, docks, stations, islands and other places for external inspections

2. Provide downstairs medical treatment for patients with mobility impairments

For special groups of people with limited mobility, the physical examination vehicle can be driven downstairs to the patient, and the patient can go to the doctor downstairs to solve the problem of difficult medical treatment for patients with limited mobility

3. Data wireless docking

The medical vehicle is equipped with special medical equipment and a wireless medical office system, which can wirelessly transmit medical records to the hospital's medical information database. Patients can inquire online and print medical records on the spot. Not only do patients save time in queuing to the hospital for registration, they also enjoy the same treatment services as in the hospital.

4. Emergency rescue and disaster relief, win life-saving time for patients

The traditional ambulance goes back and forth once, which will delay at least half of the treatment time. The Xray medical examination vehicle is equipped with complete inspection and treatment equipment to win precious treatment time for the patient

The following models are available for rental
  • CT inspection car
  • Health Examination Vehicle

Product Introduction

Reminders for physical examination car rental:

  In order not to affect the normal development of your business, please remember to make an appointment in advance.

  If you need to put medical equipment on the car, please inform us in advance. We will put it on the car in advance according to your requirements to improve the efficiency of the medical examination.

Contact information

Free hotline:4000-120-181

Mobile: 18824654367 (same number on WeChat) Contact: Manager Zhang 

Company Address: No. 8, Dakeng Road, Tongle Community, Baolong Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Company switchboard:0755-89648605

Company website:www.hxray.com

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Xray Official Account

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