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Shenzhen Xray Electric Co., Ltd. (XRAY) was established in June 2002. It is engaged in the research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of medical products such as on-board X-ray machines, dual-energy X-ray bone densitometers, medical examination vehicles, and CT examination vehicles. As an integrated professional enterprise. Product quality and technical content have been highly recognized by the industry and customers. Our company has successively won the "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", "National High-tech Enterprise", Integrity "AAA" Enterprise, and "Shenzhen Famous Brand".

The company adheres to the policy of "committed to the development of mobile medical products, pursuing excellent quality, and building a world brand", focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of vehicle X-ray equipment, dual-energy X-ray bone densitometers, medical examination vehicles, and CT examination vehicles. The products cover In clinical diagnosis, radiology and other fields, we will bring high-performance products on-board equipment to every customer.

Through the integration of resources, Shenzhen Xray Electric Co., Ltd. has joined forces with well-known domestic and foreign companies to promote the development of the medical examination and health industry. Our company adheres to the core values of people-oriented, dedication and pursuit of excellence, adhering to the never-ending spirit of innovation and the work style of excellence, and strives to become a mobile medical examination vehicle solution provider trusted by customers.

The company adheres to the tenet of "Regulations First, Customer First, Good Quality, Appropriate Price, and Punctual Delivery". Over the years, the company has been committed to continuously improving the quality of products and services by improving internal management levels, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and continuous improvement of customers Satisfaction. The company strictly controls the source of product quality. Every R&D engineer makes it clear that product quality is first designed, and ensuring the quality of the design process is the most important thing in controlling product quality; every producer knows that quality is manufactured, not Check it out. The quality awareness of all employees is the basis for the high quality of the company's products, and high-quality, highly skilled production workers are the guarantee for the high quality of the company's products.

In the future, Shenzhen Xray Electric Co., Ltd. will take "Let every corner of the world feel the care brought by mobile medical examination" as its mission, take talents as the foundation of enterprise development, actively meet challenges, and take on the development of national in-vehicle medical equipment. The important task is to gradually realize the professionalization, networking, digitization and intelligence of on-board medical equipment, and strive to create a brand enterprise of Chinese medical examination vehicles.

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